avadavat sent: Super embarrassing question, but I remember an NSFW fawnlock fic by wendl-a that I can't find (the blog has been deleted)... do you know if this can be found anywhere?

i’m sorry, xe deleted all xer fics! i’ve already told xer off about it akfjaskfa

they were my favourites too! *shakes head sadly*

Anonymous sent: I just thought I'd tell you that your art is fantastic!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! :D

thank you so much!!!

Anonymous sent: Umm... don't know if you'll come across this but... Will you come back?

i’m really sorry, i do intend to but i’m so busy with work it’s making it very hard! i can’t make any promises but i really, really intend to! 

Anonymous sent: where did fawnlock come from and why do so many people love it I really don't understand

i don’t have the energy to answer this anymore. there’s a FAQ on this blog. are you seriously that fucking lazy. go away. i really don’t care that you don’t understand, i really do not care why you wonder why “so many people love it” i also really don’t care if this is rude. goodbye.


Anonymous sent: i really love your theme, but i can't get to it from the link on your page?

i think the person who made the themes took them off, if i remember rightly? i’m sorry ;(

Anonymous sent: what do you think faunlock would do when john comes home inconsolable after a breakup or when harry got really bad drunk again


he’d probably smell John’s unhappiness before he even got through the door, his ears would pin down and he’d stop whatever he was doing.

he’d get John’s slippers and put them in front of his chair and turn on the telly and find the channel with the most pretty ladies on the screen (John lingers on those)

then he’d grab a couple of tea bags and dump them in a mug and pour semi-warm water in (he wouldn’t know to boil the kettle the whole way) and then awkwardly stand around and wait for John to come inside and notice his grand efforts to cheer him up and praise him for being such a good mate.

I imagine John would probably walk straight past everything and go into his room without noticing anything and fawnlock would pout and struggle with what to do next (humans are strange) but he’d creep into John’s room eventually and curl up around his feet at the bottom of the bed to let him know he was there even if he didn’t understand.


fawnlock didn’t sleep much. John didn’t know if it was a fawn thing, or just because of his age, all he knew was that it drove him up the wall. he didn’t have much experience with kids, and less with fawns. he didn’t know when fawnlock’s birthday was, or how old he was (fawnlock wandered off disinterested whenever he’d asked) but if John had to make a guess, he’d say fawnlock was about 5 years old.

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Anonymous sent: i see you reblog fawnlock things here all the time but it's been months since you posted anything to the fawnlock blog. have you abandoned it? ;n;


the fawnlock blog holds really sad feelings for me since the person I started it with left the blog and has left the Sherlock fandom too

whilst there’s no hard feelings at all there anymore, (we’re cool, I love them so much and they’re so much happier now) the blog just makes me feel sad and lonely to update. I really do hope to get past these feelings eventually and reawaken it ASAP, hopefully when I get home I can work on it a bit!

it’s definitely not abandoned, more just… hibernating. I didn’t think anyone noticed but it warms my heart to know people have and encourages me to do so, I really miss reblogging all of the gorgeous fawnlocks I see.